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Active Iron is a next generation iron supplement that is specially formulated to reduce the negative gastro-intestinal side effects associated with traditional oral iron preparations, including nausea, constipation, and diarrhoea.

The Active Iron Pregnancy Range takes the patented Active Iron technology into a new formulation specifically designed for use in Pregnancy.

Award winning Active Iron Pregnancy contains 30 capsules of the 17mg dose and is the ultimate mono Iron supplement, with 2x better absorption, a non-constipating formula and clinically proven to increase iron levels, it is both Kind & Strong.

67% of the world’s population are unable to convert man-made folic acid into its active methyl folate form. Active Folic does not need to be converted, it delivers 400µg of the nutritionally active form of folate, therefore delivering 3x greater absorption. This will therefore provide mum and baby with the folic they need at preconception, pregnancy, and in breastfeeding.

Finally the multi-component Active Iron Pregnancy Plus, containing 21 essential nutrients, including 25mg dose of Active Iron non-constipating formula, sustainably sourced Omega 3 soft gels and our new premium multivitamin that includes 400µg of our Active Folic, collectively delivering the optimum combination, to provide complete care for mum and baby.

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