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I am Dr Miriam Inder, Clinical Psychologist and founder of Better Beginnings, a specialist perinatal psychology service. Providing therapy for people who have experienced traumatic journeys to early parenthood. Supporting people who are hoping to be parents, preparing to be parents or are parents already.

You shouldn’t have to struggle alone with grief and trauma resulting from infertility, pregnancy loss, difficult births, depression or anxiety in early parenting months. This can leave you feeling distressed, lost and overwhelmed by how your parenting journey turned out. This isn’t how it’s meant to be. 

Better beginnings provides therapy that creates space for you to make sense of your traumatic journey to early parenthood. As a mother and psychologist I understand the struggles of early parenthood. I help people feel safe, supported and understood so you can process your experiences and feel confident to shape the journey ahead. 

If you are struggling with traumatic journeys to early parenthood please visit my website at and schedule a call with me.