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Birthingway College of Midwifery is a virtual, affordable, competency-based, relationship-centered learning community offering a comprehensive Bachelor of Science in (Direct-Entry) Midwifery degree using the biodynamic model.

  • Virtual: Our program is an entirely virtual, synchronous program. You can attend classes at home and do your training with a preceptor in your community.
  • Affordable: We are committed to keeping tuition low, offering financial aid, and low competitive tuition and fees, as well as income-based scholarships.
  • Competency-basedOur Program uses competency-based assessments to measure your ability to demonstrate specific knowledge and skills and how to apply them in different scenarios.
  • Relationship-centered: Birthingway’s model of care is based on Biodynamic Care. This is the process of increasing oxytocin (the trust hormone) and decreasing stressors, resulting in a connection between midwife and client, healthy pregnancies and births, and immediate and long-term parent-child connections.

Please visit our website at for more information. We are a community learning together!