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Offering modern, inclusive and evidence based antenatal and hypnobirthing classes. For every birthing person and for every type of birth.

​Having been passionate about birth and in awe of the power of birth, since first partnering my sister aged 16, I now spend my life absorbing up to date evidence based information and sharing that learning with my clients. Having knowledge leads to more empowering, positive birth experiences and helps to remove unnecessary fear, along with the tools I teach for mindset change.

Often birthing people feel a mix of emotions about birth. Excitement and intrigue are frequently accompanied by some fear or anxiety (totally normal). 

TV dramas, scary stories or previous experiences can do this. BUT birth doesn’t need to feel like that, and often doesn’t. Birth is incredible! Learning with me will give you the benefit of my extensive and ongoing learning as well as of the birthkeeper communities I am a part of, a mindset change to feel more positive about birth, tools to use for life and the knowledge and skills to navigate your pregnancy to parenthood journey.