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LatchAid, A leading Breastfeeding & Parenting Support App, comes to Android



Now able to help even more parents and support better UK breastfeeding outcomes


LatchAid, the ground-breaking app has launched on Android in Google Play Store with a rebuilt Gen2 version, one year after launching on iOS in Apple App Store.


Bespoke pregnancy, breastfeeding, and early parenthood support

The app helps new parents to breastfeed and learn to be confident parents with a 3D interactive animation tool demonstrating positioning & attachment and sentiment AI technology, delivering credible, evidence-based information to families, leveraging 1-to-1 specialist support. Led by Shel Banks IBCLC, the clinical team has created a huge range of content to answer users’ queries and concerns, and to signpost them to other healthcare help when needed.


Doubling breastfeeding rates where deployed

Having proved that the app can double the average exclusive breastfeeding rate postnatally at 6-8 weeks in an NHS Pilot study over 6 months[1], it’s been an intense period of accelerated development for the team to bring the new app to market, whilst also partnering with a growing number of Integrated Care Systems and NHS Trusts around the country, including HCRG Care Group in Lancashire, Everyone Health in Knowsley, and Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust in Kent.


LatchAid is expanding its scope to the first 1,000 days of parenthood, helping families to overcome a much broader range of challenges, in line with the UK Government’s A Better Start in Life initiative. They will also be rebranding next month with a new cross-platform version of the app to support this development. The company’s growth over the past year has been supported by the grant funding from Innovate UK and a seed funding round closed in February 2022, along with support from The Academic Health Science Network and Knowledge Transfer Network, KQ Labs, and LatchAid’s advisors and investors.


Dr. Chen Mao Davies, Founder and CEO of LatchAid, commented, “Nobody tells you how difficult and painful breastfeeding can be and how lonely early parenthood is. Everyone has so many questions at every stage and needs support and encouragement to parent and breastfeed successfully. I’m so excited that our new app has come to Android. Most people around the world now have a phone and so we can reach so many more families who need support 24/7, anywhere they are.”

[1] NHS Pilot study: 271 survey respondents