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Complex Care in Caseloading: the way forward for ALL pregnancies

Maternity services are under increased debate. 

Rethinking methods of delivery, personalisation of care pushing back against increased caesarean sections and increased focus on postnatal care.  Into this mix groups of midwives, of which 121 midwives are an example, are working outside the institutional structures of the NHS to give women a different style of service.

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But they still have to work with complex case loads.  We can all learn from these different approaches and perhaps see aspects of the future.  See Jill Darlington’s talk, with some of the clearest slides and illustrations.

Jill Darlington, Midwifery Lead – Practice Development and Preceptorship, One to One Midwives gives a presentation on “Complex care in caseloading: the way forward for ALL pregnancies” at the Midlands Maternity & Midwifery Festival 2019. Our Maternity &

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Written by Neil Stewart, Editorial Director, Maternity and Midwifery Forum and International Maternity Expo

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