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Positive About Down Syndrome

Last week the yearly World Down Syndrome day took place on 21st March. In this article Holli Sheahan from charity Down Syndrome UK shares resources and information for midwives and health professionals to be ‘positive about Down syndrome’.  ________________________ What is Down syndrome? Down syndrome is a naturally occurring genetic......
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Exhibitor Insights: Natera

    As we approach the 3rd Annual Scotland Maternity & Midwifery Festival we focus on one of the exhibitors waiting to meet you in Edinburgh, Natera – a worldwide genetic testing and diagnostics company that’s changing how doctors and patients manage genetic disease.  Twins are becoming more common with......
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All your prenatal questions answered

Whether you’re newly pregnant or planning a pregnancy, you might be wondering about prenatal testing. The good news is, advances in technology mean there are more options for early and more accurate screening. A simple blood draw can usually give you the information you are looking for from as early......
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New Panorama® Test Aids Prenatal Screening

Easy and non-invasive, Panorama® requires just a simple blood draw as early as 9 weeks into pregnancy. More accurate than traditional maternal serum screening, the test can determine whether your baby is at higher risk for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome and Patau Syndrome. Your children are......