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Virtual Conference: Group B Strep in Pregnancy & Babies

Group B Strep in Pregnancy and Babies Virtual Conference
The Group B Strep in Pregnancy & Babies Virtual Conference takes place on Wednesday 2nd June 2021. View the full programme here and book your conference tickets here. Group B Strep is usually a harmless bacterium and carrying it has no symptoms. However, when passed to a baby around birth,......
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Trisomy Screening and the Legal Standard of Consent

Trisomy Screening
Following the recent UK NSC recommendation [1] to implement screening and testing for Edwards’ Syndrome and Patau’s Syndrome [2] into existing Down’s Syndrome screening programmes, [3] I am currently undertaking an ESRC-funded PhD project in Law at Swansea University that explores whether expectant parents are giving informed consent for NHS......
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Exhibitor Insights: Natera

    As we approach the 3rd Annual Scotland Maternity & Midwifery Festival we focus on one of the exhibitors waiting to meet you in Edinburgh, Natera – a worldwide genetic testing and diagnostics company that’s changing how doctors and patients manage genetic disease.  Twins are becoming more common with......

Next generation screening: Ultrasound and NIPT

Judith Pilling DCR(R) DMU MHSc, Director, this is my: Health Screening & Ultrasound Centre and Expert Clinical Specialist gives a presentation on “Next generation screening: Ultrasound and NIPT” at the Maternity, Midwifery and Baby Birmingham 2017 forum. Midwives and other healthcare professionals are at the forefront of caring for and......